Article By: Dr.Martha Durham Contributing Writer Therapy and the Therapeutic Relationship The therapeutic process is the same for children and adults, with a few exceptions. Each therapist has their style, but for psychologists, there is [...]

By |April 1, 2024|

Your Ticket to Total Relaxation

Article By: Kathy Feather Contributing Writer Let's chat about something sure to put a smile on your face – all-inclusive vacations. You know, those dreamy getaways where the only thing on your to-do list is [...]

By |March 1, 2024|

Savoring the Palmetto State: A Culinary Odyssey

Article By: Kathy Feather Contributing Writer Picture this: the enchanting aroma of Lowcountry cuisine, the vibrant colors of fresh produce, and the warm hospitality that defines Southern charm. South Carolina, a treasure trove of culinary [...]

By |February 1, 2024|

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